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$300,000 Fireworks Incident

An eight-year-old boy was injured while at a neighbor’s house for a fourth of July party. Another child negligently misfired a bottle rocket and struck the eight-year-old in the eye.

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Motor Vehicle Accident $300,000 Policy Limit Settlement

Client was involved in serious car crash on a local highway. She suffered life-threatening injuries, and was hospitalized for a month.

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$250,000.00 - Motor Vehicle Collision

Female client was involved in a motor vehicle collision with and underinsured motorist.

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Rebecca Troy- Motor Vehicle Collision $250,000 Settlement

Client was involved in serious car crash on a local highway. She suffered life-threatening injuries, and was airlifted to Community Regional Hospital.

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Child v. ATV $250,000 Policy Limits Settlement

Young boy was broadsided while riding his bike by an ATV being illegal driven on city streets. The boy fractured his right orbital and sustained a sever concussion.

Defendant denied liability, and offered $0,00 for compensation. Because of attorney Darryl B. Freedman's expertise, he setttled the case for the policy limites totaling $250,000.00. The boy's past medial expenses were $15,000.00. What an outstanding result for both the family and the young boy. Teh Law Office of Darryl B. Freedman fought this young boy's rights, and successfully won.

Dog Bite $250,000 Policy Limits Settlement

Client was viciously mauled by a 200 pound Rottweiler which had escaped its owner yard. Client attempted to fend off the dog to protect her daughter, but suffered permanent damage to both arms and hands. Client lost permanent grip strengthen, and endured permanent scaring to both arms.

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$250,000.00 - Property Damage

Client was rear-ended by a young man who was on his phone and not paying attention.

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$200,000.00 - Dog Bite

Female client was at a friend’s house when she was violently attacked by their dog.

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Vehicle Accident $200,000 Settlement

Defendant entered the intersection and stopped directly in Client’s lane. Client attempted to avoid the collision, but could not react fast enough. Client suffered serious lacerations to his head and face, knee pain, right ankle pain, and right foot dislocation which required surgery.

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$200,000.00 - Pedestrian vs. Vehicle

Minor client involved in a pedestrian v. vehicle incident while walking home from school against traffic.

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Client was riding his bike along a city street when he was struck on his left side by a full-sized pick-up.

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$145,000.00 Fall Injury at Edwards Cinema

Client entered the Edwards Fresno Stadium 22 Cinema preparing to enjoy a relaxing evening at the movies. But when she took her seat, the seat collapsed causing her to fall to the left side of her body.

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$125,000.00 Motor Vehicle Collision with Freightliner Tractor

Client lawfully pulled over along the right shoulder of northbound State Route 99. Defendant, acting in the scope of his employment and driving a company owned Freightliner Tractor with a Viking Flatbed, sideswiped our client while parked and sitting in her car.

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$125,000.00 Minor

Infant’s mother was struck by multiple vehicles causing her death. Infant is the sole lawful heir to decedent, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The Law Office of Darryl B. Freedman recovered damages for the wrongful death of the infant’s mother.

$107,000 for 2-Year-Old Boy

Elderly grandparents were supervising the client’s infant child.

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$100,000.00 - Uninsured Motorist Vehicle Collision

Female client was involved in a motor vehicle collision with an uninsured motorist.

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Underinsured Motor Vehicle Accident $100,000 Settlement

Client was injured in a car collision caused by an underinsured motorist. Client suffered serious damages to his head, neck, back, right wrist, and right ankle. The underinsured motorist only had $15,000 in policy coverage.

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$100,000.00 Pedestrian Accident

A passenger in a vehicle opened his door, striking client and knocking her to the ground of a Walmart parking lot.

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Underinsured Motor Vehicle Accident $100,000 Settlement

Plaintiff was south on Road 132 north of Avenue 368. Defendant was east on Avenue 368 west of Road 132. As Plaintiff continued in a southerly direction and crossed into the intersection with Road 132. Defendant failed to stop for the upright and visible stop sign and drove past the solid white line without coming to a stop.

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$100,000.00 Motor Vehicle Collision

Male client was involved in a motor vehicle collision with an underinsured motorist.

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