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The client sustained a fracture to right tibia and fibula when a cable that was used to move a boating doc at Pine Flat Lake dislodged, striking him in the right leg.

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$875,000 Truck and Trailer Negligence

A decorated police officer was driving home after his shift from Coalinga to Hanford.

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$825,000 Motor Vehicle Negligence

The client stepped out in front of a moving vehicle at night from behind a parked car then sustained a fractured lumbar spine and injuries to her right shoulder and left leg.

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Wrongful Death $750,000.00 Settlement

Client was a passenger in a wheelchair being transported by medical transportation company. Defendant driver came to a stop and client feel over to his side.

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$687,500.00 Farming Accident

4000 lb. grape tank slipped off a fork lift and fell on top of our client. The grape tank pinned our client to the ground.

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$600,000.00 - Motor Vehicle Collision

Our client was involved in a violent motor vehicle collision with a large commercial truck.

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$525,000 Pedestrian Accident

The client was attending a party and was struck by a vehicle in the driveway when a fight broke out as guests were leaving.

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$525,000 Motor Vehicle Accident with Disabled Adult

The client, who was a disabled adult under the care of the responsible party, was being transported in a company van.

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$521,000 Combined Settlement

AHusband and wife were involved in a collision in which they were rear-ended.

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$500,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

Following the violent motor vehicle collision, 50-year-old male was transported to the hospital by ambulance with right shoulder pain, rib pain, neck pain, and chest pain.

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Motor Vehicle Collision $475,000 Settlement

Client was on his way to Best Buy with his son. They were travelling on Spruce Ave. and they had almost reached the store when a car pulled out from the store parking lot to his left. The car jetted across traffic and collided with the side panel of Client’s car, causing damage to the vehicle that rendered it not drivable from the scene.

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$425,000 Motor Vehicle Versus School Bus

The client was injured in a motor vehicle collision when a school bus made a left-hand turn in front of her. She was airlifted to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery to her knee.

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$400,000 Settlement

Elderly client was struck head-on by a drunk driver.

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$400,000.00 Industrial Injury

Defendants’ excavator bucket fell and crushed our client’s hand requiring a 10 days of hospitalization and 5 surgeries.

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$375,000 Slip and Fall

Client slipped and fell when she was shopping in the floral department at Safeway.

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$325,000 Slip and Fall at Local Grocery Store

Client, who had a history of lower back pain, was entering the pharmacy at Vons to fill her pain prescription when she slipped on black ice in the parking lot.

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Tractor Accident $315,000 Settlement

Defendant was operating the combination of farm implements within the roadway without sufficient lighting to warn approaching traffic of the slow moving vehicle, in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 24600(a). In addition, Defendant’s trailer was not equipped with the Orange triangle for slow moving vehicles as required by law. Client crashed into the tractor because of the insufficient lighting.

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$305,000 16-year-old Female Attacked By Dog Few Days Before Christmas

The dog attacked the young female and bit her upper lip. The bite caused a 1.5 x 1.5 cm tissue avulsion to the upper lip.

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$301,000 Dog bite

 A 9-year-old girl was walking home from her uncle’s house when a dog attacked her. 

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$300,000.00 - Vehicle Collision

Client was involved in a collision wherein the Defendant driver ran a stop sign and t-boned client’s vehicle.

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