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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a personal injury case?

The term “personal injury” means that someone has suffered a physical or emotional injury caused by the negligence of another. In California, someone who suffers from a personal injury accident may be compensated for their medical expenses and lost wages.

To be compensated for your damages, you must prove:

  • The other party was legally responsible
  • The amount of your medical expenses & wage loss

What is negligence?

California law requires us to act with "reasonable care". When someone fails to act with the reasonable care required by a given circumstance, that's negligence. That's important to you because in order to recover for your personal injuries, you'll have to prove that another person or a business was negligent causing you damages.

Do I have a case?

To evaluate if you have a personal injury case, our firm will schedule a free attorney/client meeting. Give us a call today at 559-447-9000 or complete the confidential inquiry form.

What is my case worth?

There are many factors that determine the monetary value of your case. The value of your case depends upon the facts of the accident, severity of your injuries, the amount of your medical expenses, the amount of any future medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and other financial losses.

What is a contingency fee?

Our firm is employed on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay for attorney's fees or costs unless we obtain an award for your personal injury case. Our firm reduces attorney fees when representing children under the age of 18.

What should I do if I'm hurt in an accident?

Following your accident it is important to obtain information regarding the responsible parties, file a police report, take photographs of all vehicles involved in the accident, photograph the accident scene, and get contact information from any witnesses. As soon as possible, write down exactly what happened. For more information, review our accident resource page. In the event that you are injured as a result of someone's negligence, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Be truthful and accurate with your doctor regarding the nature and extent of your injury.

Should I deal with insurance companies on my own?

The motto of insurance companies is "profit over people". You are not an individual but merely a claim number. Insurance adjusters receive an extensive amount of training to gain your trust and obtain information that they will use against you. They will not explain to you the importance of gathering and securing evidence and receiving the medical treatment you deserve.

Contact our firm BEFORE you call the insurance company because the adjuster will want to obtain a statement and any information you have regarding your accident.

When should I call a lawyer?

In the event you are injured as the result of somebody's negligence it is important to obtain legal advice from an attorney immediately. The legal process is too complicated to navigate without an experienced attorney to advise you. Fill out the confidential form or call us at 559-447-9000 to set up a free attorney/client consultation.

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